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  • 37% of the premium for Condos and apartments within 500-1000 feet of the coast in Georgia are placed within the surplus market whereas right next door in South Carolina 55% of the premium is placed within the surplus market

Commercial Insight

Commercial Insight, our core database product, provides highly accurate and granular economic, demographic and commercial insurance information to size and segment the US market.

Out-of-the-box tools empower insurers with exposure information, premium by line, loss, historical economic trends and forward looking forecasts needed for strategic research, planning, product development, distribution and underwriting.

Agent / Broker Insight

Agent/Broker Insight is a complete perspective of US insurance agency and broker contact and operational information to profile distribution channels.

With detailed agency profiles that include territory information on the relevant exposure, premium, loss, and economic trend information insurers can accomplish channel planning, goal setting and decision making.

New Business Insight

New Business Insight is comprised of operational and commercial insurance information to profile individual businesses.  Each record includes various pieces of risk-level information including premium potential and account complexity in addition to basic contact information.


It is a source for comprehensive prospecting business profiles designed specifically to support sales, policy approval and underwriting.

Growth Advisor

The Growth Advisor tool leverages our sophisticated economic forecasting process to distinguish those accounts with premium that will be growing, neutrally impacted or stressed due to current and future economic trends.

Insurers are able to adjust strategic and tactical business planning depending on the economic impact of specific market segments using the information available with the Growth Advisor.



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