Commercial Auto Advisor includes demographic and commercial auto exposure and premium information to size and segment this specific market.

Insurers are able to report detailed information on:

Nine vehicle classes correlated to business class

Usage levels based on annual mileage

Commercial Auto Advisor is highly applicable to underwriting and marketing processes for insurers creating a clearer picture of this focused market landscape.

Commercial Auto Advisor includes premium and usage information by vehicle type for any US market segment.

Commercial Auto Advisor Measures

Premium totals, number of vehicles, average annual miles of operation for the following vehicle types:

Private Passenger-Type Vehicles




Pick-up Trucks and Vans

Light and Medium Trucks

Heavy and Extra-Heavy Trucks

Heavy and Extra-Heavy Tractors



Separating fleet from non-fleet vehicles

Leveraging the details on long-haul versus local moving and storage firms

Applying insights on vehicle utilization (per vehicle exposures) to risk pricing procedures


See where premium potential for targeted classes actually exists

Scope the opportunity based on number of vehicles and usage

More effectively allocate resources


Commercial Auto Advisor Product Offerings

MarketStance’s Commercial Auto Advisor information is an accurate integration of Census Bureau, Annual Transportation Survey, and the Federal Highway Administration’s Registration and Mileage information.  It is developed using the proven bottom up analytic process that builds the commercial auto market from a detailed county, 6-digit SIC industry class and segmented account size to the total US commercial auto market.  Both marketing and underwriting professionals leverage Commercial Auto Advisor to fill in the blanks for them by providing the scope of the market, accurate risk assessments, and defining profitability drivers.