Comprehensive market intelligence has become a key requirement for competitive commercial insurers striving to be market leaders.  There is a need for more than just market data, they want innovative, integrated solutions.

MarketStance builds insurer, market, business, and agency information into a Business Intelligence Platform for easy access to the right information.

These offerings deliver focused, customized market intelligence, enabling insurers to achieve their specific goals by:

Integrating and packaging information with advanced analytics accessible through tailored market views

Automating workflow to improve productivity

Quickly and reliably connect the relevant information to the right business strategy with a Business Intelligence Platform from MarketStance.

A Business Intelligence Platform is the most sophisticated and robust MarketStance offering.

Dependant on your needs, we integrate data from

MarketStance information products

Insurer data and/or

Other external data

Then we consult with you to develop the right key metrics, analyses, reports and update frequency you need to conduct market research, planning, product development, sales, distribution and underwriting.

Reports include insurer nomenclature and business views of the market to synchronize with internal processes.

Easily access the platform online, so there is no hardware or software to manage onsite.

The result is a customized solution that delivers the right information in the right view for your business strategy.

Business Intelligence Platform Product Offerings

MarketStance designs, develops and hosts a customized Business Intelligence Platform to align insurer workflow with business practices. By leveraging our core analytic process to synchronize data from MarketStance, the insurer and other sources, we are able to build the market from the bottom up and include the information and views necessary to accomplish insurer goals.