MarketStance has been delivering reliable accurate information products and services to the insurance industry for over a decade.

Our Insight databases are comprehensive sources for US market and insurance information easily accessible online, via desktop software packages, or integrated in a custom platform.

Agent/Broker Insight is a complete store of US insurance agency and broker contact and operational information to profile distribution channels.

With Agent/Broker Insight, insurers can:

Validate appointed agency information

Target ideal distribution channels based on proven profile criteria for successful agencies

Understand position within an agency

Inform distribution network of proximate opportunities

Evaluate agency production based on those opportunities

With detailed agency profiles that include territory information on the relevant exposure, premium, loss, and economic trend information insurers can accomplish channel planning, goal setting and decision making.

What You Receive:

Out-of-the-box tools with agency contact and operations information

Commercial Insight market demographic, economic, and insurance information for agency and broker territories

Custom databases and reports designed to include agency profiles with specific operations criteria for production, producers, lines of business and much more

Appointed agency records with premium written by the insurer, other insurer tracked agency data and MarketStance agency data

Access to robust online applications for quick and easy reporting and analysis or receive static reports

What You Can Do:

Assess agency performance relative to other agencies with similar potential

Assess insurer position in an appointed agency

Identify new agency appointments that would be an ideal fit for the insurer

View agency territory information on demographic, exposure, premium by line, loss, covered accounts, alternative market risk transfer, historical economic growth rates and forecast economic growth rates to target opportunities and analyze risk

Direct agencies to identified opportunities within their territories

Agent / Broker Insight Product Offerings

The Agent / Broker Insight database is a comprehensive source of US insurance Agencies and brokerages.  Agency and broker records are validated and enhanced through a series of analyses and processes that incorporate many data sources including insurance, state department, third party vendor, professional association, survey and MarketStance information.  Insurers leverage Agent/Broker Insight to identify opportunities in appointed agency territories, direct communication with their distribution channels, identify potential agency relationships, and track agency productivity.