Since 1997, MarketStance has delivered innovative information products to the commercial insurance industry.

Our Insight databases are comprehensive sources for US market and insurance information easily accessible online, via desktop software packages, or integrated in a custom platform.

Commercial Insight includes demographic and commercial insurance information and tools to size and segment the US market.

Insurers are able to view the relevant exposure, premium, loss, and economic trend information for any market segment needed to accomplish planning, goal setting and decision making.

Commercial is one source for economic market, and insurance information offered through out of the box and customizable databases that insurers are able to apply across multiple facets of the insurance value chain.

What You Receive:

Out-of-the-box tools with integrated market demographic, economic, and insurance information on

  • Exposure, premium by line, loss, historical economic trends, and forecast economic trends for market segments

Customized databases and reports designed to include your market perspective on

  • Appetite and nomenclature for the market information relevant to you

Access to robust online reporting applications for quick and easy report design and analysis

Interactive online mapping and/or

Desktop analysis software packages for report design and analysis


What You Can Do:

Size and segment the entire US market by detailed location, industry, and business size

Know for each market segment defined by

  • Where the business is
  • What the business does
  • How big the business is

View information on demographics, exposure, premium by line, loss, covered accounts, alternative market risk transfer, historical economic growth rates and forecast economic growth rates to target opportunities and analyze risk

Commercial Insight Product Offerings

Commercial Insight databases are the foundation of the MarketStance fleet of products and services. Developed using a statistically reinforced and validated bottom up analytical process produces core databases that size business at the operating location and enterprise wide using multiple dimensions. Insurers leverage Commercial Insight across company capabilities to accomplish strategic, tactical and operational initiatives.