New Business Insight is comprised of operational and commercial insurance information to profile individual businesses including:

Business name, location and other contact information

Premium potential by line of coverage

Business growth forecast

Account composition and complexity information and more

It is a source for comprehensive prospecting business profiles designed specifically to support sales, policy approval and underwriting.

New Business Insight enables insurers to target the right account prospects and validate account information to grow business with accurate information.

What You Receive:

Online tabular and single profile reports exportable to Excel and PDF files

Static flat file reports

Focused business profiles with the right account specifications

  • Premium
  • Employment
  • Total insured value
  • Forecast employment growth, forecast sales growth

What You Can Do:

Uncover hidden surprises lurking beneath the surface class/location

Provide perspective that enables additional pre-underwriting and allows matching the product/pitch with probable account needs

Give agents an ability to match their conversations to account needs

Encourage business profile follow-through and improves agent success

Facilitate targeted, focused marketing

Substantially reduce amount of “cold calling” or prequalification needed

Improve quote quality

New Business Insight Product Offerings

MarketStance uses the same bottom up methodology to apply exposure, growth and insurance specific measures to individual businesses. Our core analytic process consumes data from dozens of sources, builds market information from the bottom up and enables MarketStance to enhance business records at the individual establishment level up to a headquarters level for an enterprise wide perspective.