MarketStance offers a variety of consulting and analytic services to address market research, planning, product development, sales, distribution, and underwriting needs of commercial insurers.

In today’s competitive landscape, quickly linking strategies to market intelligence requires not only the right data and tools, but a skilled team and proven methodologies.

At MarketStance, market intelligence is our business and we provide the necessary services to transform the market information into innovative insights and realistic recommendations for smarter decisions.

These services enable you to:

Address unique questions, challenges and business requirements specific to insurers

Expand your resources with MarketStance’s expert economists, analysts and insurance industry veterans

Create the engagement that meets your needs and budget

Our service engagements ultimately improve speed to market with more clarity and precision.


Assimilate and synchronize data from disparate sources into custom databases for a cohesive insurer, business, channel and market view

Integration may include any of the following:

  • Insight Databases
  • Insurer’s policy, appetite, rates and losses
  • Appointed agencies
  • Other external data


Design custom reports and dashboards specific to client business requirements

Develop custom applications specific to client business requirements

Provide hosting options


Apply proven, automated processes to improve data quality and consistency

Apply statistical analysis in concert with economic and industry expertise to derive actionable answers

Offer specific business class code validation against your book of business and prospective accounts


Provide one time engagements addressing unique client challenges

Perform customized analysis to answer specific insurer questions


Consulting & Analytic Services Product Offerings

Our unique ability to take vast amounts of information from many sources and build market information from the bottom up combined with advanced analytics and industry expertise produces reliable repeatable results. Insurers regularly enlist our services to address various business questions, challenges and needs.