General: MarketStance strives to provide an error-free workable solution to all of its customers and
further believes very strongly in fully supporting the development and use of its products by providing
competent telephone and electronic mail technical support to answer and resolve any inquiries or
concerns of the customer.

Uptime & System Maintenance: MarketStance hereby commits to providing 99% up time on its hosted
application environment employing reasonable efforts to maintain uninterrupted usage and availability
of the Application twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with the exception of six hours set aside
each week for system maintenance.

Normal system maintenance is scheduled to occur each Sunday between the hours of 5:00AM and
11:00AM Sunday morning Eastern Time so as not to interfere with our clients’ normal working hours.

Telephone Support: MarketStance maintains a technical support help line at no charge (the “Help
Desk”) for the benefit of its customers that is fully staffed between the hours of 8:30AM and 7:30PM
Eastern Time each Monday thru Friday that is not a US federal holiday. Support may include internet-
based training sessions as may be requested or required by the client at a mutually agreed-upon time.

Training Documentation: MarketStance shall provide certain electronic documentation in PDF format on
application use, data measures/definitions, and uses of reports created.

Updates: MarketStance shall provide the Licensee with any and all updates to the Applications that are
available and released by MarketStance. MarketStance shall provide as much notice in advance of the
release of the updates as is reasonably feasible. In the event that an update shall require system down-
time, MarketStance shall notify Licensee in advance of the anticipated down-time and estimated
timing and duration.

Work-a rounds: In the unusual circumstance where no immediate solution is available to solve the issue
raised by the Licensee, it may become necessary to introduce a temporary “work-around” solution
while a permanent solution is investigated, tested and implemented. This “work-around” will be
designed to provide a basic functioning system, although this may involve changes to or implementation
of temporary manual working processes at the Licensee site, or reversion to an earlier system
configuration. Where such a “work-around” is proposed by MarketStance, projected completion time
tables for the implementation of a complete resolution will be given and such a permanent solution shall
be completed as expediently as feasible.